Minimizing My Blogs (a last post of sorts)

I’ve made the somewhat difficult decision to stop posting at this site.

I’ve had in the back of my head consolidating all of my various writing on my personal site ( for a while. I started The Casual Techie as a way to continue the sort of writing I used to do a GigaOM, but it never took off the way I expected. At GigaOM, I wrote about topics that non-power users would find helpful. Hense, the site name The Casual Techie. As I started down the iOS-primary path, the types of stuff I was writing about weren’t really so casual after all. I also found myself not writing about topics that weren’t technical in nature because maintaining two blogs wasn’t optimal.

A few organizations that reached out to me to review products didn’t want to send me review units because I had a personal, and not an “organization” site. I created The Casual Techie to give my own solely tech-oriented site a go. Ironically, the same people didn’t want to send me review units because I didn’t write for one of the established sites. At first I thought I’d try and go after the sponsored content model, but I never felt comfortable pursuing and selling myself that way. My overall readership is still low enough that I’m not affecting many people by making the move now.1

This is not the main reason I’ve stopped writing here, mind you. There are other things I want to write about, and I wanted to have a central site to write about tech, art, writing and whatever crosses my mind. At some point, I’m thinking of moving off the free WordPress host I’m on to a hosted platform where I have more customization options. At that point, I wanted to have only one site anyway. My model for websites has become less Daring Fireball and more Shawn Blanc, Jason Kottke and Ben Brooks. Personal content about matters of interest to me.

I exported the blog posts from this site over to the new home. If you had bookmarked this site, please change your bookmarks.

  1. I’m averaging about 150 vistors per month. Almost all of them from links to my writing I’ve posted in threads at MacRumors.

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